About the Blog

snowflake –  1. a flake or crystal of snow

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

snowflake generation – informal, derogatory the generation of people who became adults in the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations

Collins English Dictionary

As evident by my tagline, I am a Millennial and a peer of the snowflake generation. I hope that I am not a snowflake, but as many others of my generation, I am more prone to take offense on trivial matters, and find it difficult to engage in discourse and debate without getting into a heated argument. Hence, “fiery”.

However, I will not be silent any longer, and I will express my opinions on this blog, with evidence and reasoning to back up my claims. When I have not formed an opinion, I will post related facts on hot topics on this blog. In light of the President’s emphasis on fake news, I have found myself fact checking every news source, especially President Trump’s tweets.

My blog won’t be limited to politics. I’ll also cover science, entertainment (I will limit gossip news since I sorta hate it), philosophy, historical events, etc. Anything that I can form an opinion on will be posted on this blog.

I will also encourage discourse among you readers and myself through comments. All generations, ideologies, genders, races, religions, opinions are welcome in this blog. However, comments will be monitored for civility. So, no straw-men please! (Cuss words may be acceptable depending on context, but I kinda want this blog to PG, thanks)

That is the end of my spiel! Happy reading!

About the Writer

  • Birthday: Private, but my star sign is Capricorn (yeah…that’s Greek for goat 🐐)
  • Ethnicity: Korean-American 🇰🇷+🇺🇸 (and yes, I’m an American citizen)
  • Talents/Skills: Violin, viola, haegeum (look it up), Java, lab skills (why not?), Korean
  • Birth order: I’m a twin! (she’s also a goat…🐐)
  • Greatest flaw: My temper (my face turns red 😡, and it gets ugly….I scream at the top of my lungs, too. I think I’m Red She-Hulk or something….)
  • Long-term goal: To become a doctor 👩‍⚕️ (going through pre-med right now, pray for me…)
  • Religion: Christianity, specifically Calvinist (gasp) + Confucian ideals
  • Political leaning: Moderate (aka rational)
  • MBTI type: INxJ (Yeah, I exhibit both FeTi and TeFi…don’t ask how)
  • Hobbies: blogging (duh), watching anime/K-Drama/Marvel/DC (it has to be intellectually stimulating!), drawing, reading (same reqs as watching)
  • Favorite Food: Always changing, but right now, it’s probably samgyeopsal (look it up, if you have no idea what that is)
  • Profession: Blogger duh!…jk…college student for now

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