Re-booting my blog

I remember trying to write a diary/journal every day. Long story short, I can’t stay committed to writing down something every day without fail. Maybe I’m being too perfectionistic about it…since technically there’s no reason to write it every day as long as it was done often.

I sorta feel the same way about blogs. My previous blog was devoted to a topic that easily lost steam for me since I can’t stay passionate about anything for too long without finding another interest. Then there was this other urge to write college-level essays for each post, which isn’t sustainable for a college student with actual essays to write.

So, now I’m rebooting this blog to be a chill place for thoughts. Not that I’m not going to research before stating an opinion or read over my posts to avoid posting something embarrassing, but blogging is supposed to be chillaxing, not stressful. So, no more essays, just random thoughts from now on.

Hopefully, my thoughts will be worth your while.


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